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Security, Intelligence & Risk
Identify and track threats against your people and assets online and off with actionable insights.
Whether you’re a team of 1 or a team of 20, responsible for executive protection, insider risk, travel security, political risk or trust and safety - our platform is fit for purpose. Build your own projects, set up alerts, identify threats, monitor trends, uncover leads and track PoCs all in one place.
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Communications, Brand & PR
Prepare & monitor for brand & reputation risk, disinformation & boycott campaigns.
If you’re replying on X, you aren’t doing enough. Tailor your own projects, set up alerts,  and identify the ripples across unmoderated social pond, before it turns into a mainstream tidal wave. Understand how a new campaign or policy could trigger backlash. Monitor for spikes in mentions and negative sentiment across unmoderated social, and get ahead of disinformation or boycott campaigns before they hit mainstream.
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Deepen your thematic research with our rich data set.
Whether you are researching politics, extremism, disinformation, anti-semitism, communications or cyberpsychology, access to unmoderated social media will enrich your understanding, deepen your dataset and provide you with stats to strengthen your findings.
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Not for Profit
Monitor ongoing & emerging democratic and human rights issues.
For deeper insight and evidence into those who seek to diminish human rights, restrict democratic freedoms, further racism, justify anti-semitism or persecute members of the queer community - our platform has got what you need.