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Our streamlined and intuitive platform delivers highly focused results - so you can do the same

Why Pyrra


Access to more alt-social sites than anyone else

From Mastodon and Telegram to 4Chan and Truth Social, Pyrra pulls content from 20+ sites


Cutting edge AI pinpoints relevant threats, fast

State-of-the-art AI accurately identifies relevant threats and disinformation campaigns


Automation streamlines and accelerates reporting

Easy automation generates reports and summaries with the click of a button


Data, intelligence and analysis packages to suit any budget

Whether you need data, an analytical toolkit, or analytical support - we have the solution

Want to know if you're a target?

Let Pyrra's AI sweep the fringe to see if you or your company has been targeted over the past 6 months.
Request your free Pyrra Sweep Report today.

Request a Sweep

Pyrra has solutions to monitor for threats across alt- social media -  no matter who you are.


We currently track threats emanating from more than twenty platforms.

To request the current list, please send us a note.

Pyrra Protect - Business

Pyrra Protect

Don't wait for an attack to occur
Let Pyrra monitor threats for you 24/7

Executives and companies are increasingly targets of hate speech, violent threats and malicious disinformation campaigns.

Pyrra Protect enables you to affordably and reliably monitor for threats across the alt-social ecosystem - just "set and forget", and we'll alert you to any potential threats as they arise.

No new platforms to learn, just timely, on-point alerts.

Pyrra Discover Platform

Drive your own investigations with a platform that was built by analysts, for analysts

The Pyrra Discover platform enables you to quickly and easily build your own dynamic projects to identify and track threats and disinformation against individuals, companies and infrastructure.

Our unique analytic toolkit enables customers to review posts in a curated feed, track trends, identify concerning users and URLs, and set up instant alerts.

The platform also helps in the identification of concerning users, generates automated reports and enables quick and simple data export.

Pyrra Discover
Pyrra Monitor

Pyrra Investigations

Elite support when your capacity is at its limit

Whether you need regular and reliable reporting, or an in-depth investigation, our in-house research and analysis team is standing by to help.

Pyrra Data

Just need the data?
We've got you covered

Our API suite enables you to get the data you need. Discuss your needs with our team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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