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Why Pyrra


Custom AI sweeps platforms to detect potentially dangerous content

The platform detects extremist language, violent threats, and harmful disinformation across social media platforms.


Advanced machine learning models filter data to hone in on credible threats

Our unique linguistic models rapidly identify the highest priority threats to streamline your research.


Flexible platform design enables integration of imported data

Built with flexibility and modularity in mind, users can import their own data to leverage Pyrra’s capabilities, and to streamline analysis.


Unique collaboration features break silos and facilitate easy information exchange

The all-in-one research platform provides teams with collaborative tools to make research and investigations faster and more effective.

Want to know if you're a target?

Let Pyrra's AI sweep the fringe to see if you or your company has been targeted over the past 6 months.
Request your free Pyrra Sweep Report today.

Request a Sweep

Pyrra has solutions to monitor threats on alternative social media platforms -  no matter who you are.


We currently track threats emanating from twenty platforms.

To request the current list, please send us a note.

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Pyrra Protect - Individual

Pyrra Protect - Individual

Individuals can quickly fall victim to hate speech and threats of violence online.

Let Pyrra monitor dark social media for direct threats against you or the ones you love, with a click of a button. All we need is a name and/or handle and you’ll receive alerts when a threat arises.

$110 per month

Pyrra Protect - Business

VIPs and Executives are increasingly the targets of hate speech, threats of violence, and misinformation online.

With Pyrra Protect - Business you can track threats across dark social media, for up to five (5) entities (e.g., people, companies, handles) at one time.  Receive alerts via SMS and/or email when a direct threat arises, and opt to receive daily or weekly collection summaries.  No new system to login to, no additional platforms to buy. Just set up, and go.

$5,000 per annum

Pyrra Protect - Business
Pyrra Monitor

Pyrra Monitor

Pyrra Monitor enables professional risk, security and intelligence teams to create their own dynamic projects to monitor for threats against individuals, companies and infrastructure - as well as track disinformation and harmful narratives.

With Monitor, analysts can review posts in their curated feed and track evolving trends. You can also tailor alerts, generate reports, and chat with your team - all in one place.

Request a demo today and try out Monitor with a 30-day free trial.

Pyrra Discover

Pyrra Discover is designed for security teams, researchers and investigators.

Users can build their own dynamic projects to monitor for threats and disinformation against individuals, companies and infrastructure, review posts in curated feeds, track trends, and set up instant SMS and email threat alerts.  

In addition to the core platform, our unique analytic toolkit enables users to track and identify individuals via our Social Network Analysis tool, and generate background checks with the click of a button. You can also chase new leads, easily build your own reports, and chat with your team - all in one place.

Request a demo today and try out Discover with a 30-day free trial.

Pyrra Discover

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