Intelligence for alt-social media

Threats online quickly cause real-world harm. Disinformation, conspiracy and incitement across alt-social sites are increasingly problematic for companies and governments.

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Identify violent threats and reputation risks targeting principals, corporations, and institutions.


The alt-social ecosystem is expanding. Pyrra pulls data from 20+ sites so teams can focus on analysis and not laborious copy-pasting.


Our state-of-the-art AI enables users to surface relevant violent threats, hate speech, and narratives driving disinformation.


Our advanced solution monitors users, trends, pushes alerts, and automatically generates actionable intelligence.

Want to know how you're being targeted?

Let Pyrra's AI comb the fringe to see how you or your company have been targeted over the past six months.

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We identify threats to keep your people and organization safe

Advanced AI combs 20+ alternative social media platforms to detect concerning content

Machine learning models filter data to identify potential threats

Automation streamlines the analytic workflow and saves time

In-house analytics teams help to augment capacity gaps when time is of the essence

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