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Protecting your people, assets and brand from disinformation, physical violence and hate speech. 

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Safely and efficiently identify and track threats across social media using AI

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Safely and efficiently identify and track threats across social media using AI


The alt-social ecosystem is expanding. Pyrra pulls data from 30+ sites so teams can focus on analysis and not laborious copy-pasting.


Our state-of-the-art AI enables users to surface relevant violent threats, hate speech, and narratives driving disinformation.


Our advanced solution monitors users, trends, pushes alerts, and automatically generates actionable intelligence.

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We use Pyrra for cutting-edge academic research on trends in disinformation and online extremism. The user-friendly interface, sophisticated AI-powered search tools, and tailored customer support enables my students to sift through vast amounts of social media information, extracting invaluable insights.

Professor, Yale

Pyrra has better, more far-reaching content than any other competitor.

Senior Intelligence Analyst, Crisis Management Company

Pyrra is an incredibly unique platform that fills a much-needed gap. Right now companies around the world are scrambling to ensure they stay ahead of threats and reputational risks that surface in platforms that are often missed by other social media monitoring companies - an issue that Pyrra is built to address. By scanning platforms where extremists of all persuasions gather, Pyrra gives private companies the confidence that they are staying ahead of the curve and capturing threats that might otherwise fall through the cracks.

Intelligence Manager,  major US financial institution

In the first week of using it, the Pyrra platform alerted us to new spaces our opposition was operating in, gave us an easy framework for doing our daily information sweeps, and provided a birds eye view of several topics that warranted further research and reframing for our media partners. It is an incredibly valuable tool that saves our team a tremendous amount of time scanning for information, and is run by one of the most helpful teams I have ever encountered

Managing Director, US NGO

Pyrra has been a valuable resource for us as we track and expose how extremist groups and individuals organize online. One of the best things about using Pyrra is that it frees us up from having to worry about the tedious details of collecting the data and instead we can focus on analyzing it and turning it into actionable intelligence

Deputy Director, US NGO

Pyrra provides integration from multiple platforms and therefore enables the ability to see narrative transmission and trends across platforms and communities. It is a much better gauge of online content/discussions than analysis based only on larger platforms

US Government official

Pyrra is a fantastic tool that increases access and drives analytics. This tool increases our productivity by at least 50%. The difference in what we can do with Pyrra versus manually is exponential.

Senior Leader, International NGO

We identify threats to keep your people and organization safe

Advanced AI combs 30+ alternative social media platforms to detect concerning content

Machine learning models filter data to identify potential threats

Automation streamlines the analytic workflow and saves time

In-house analytics teams help to augment capacity gaps when time is of the essence

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