Intelligence for dark social media

‘Virtual’ threats don’t stay virtual. Disinformation, conspiracy and incitement online can quickly cause real world harm.

A software suite to identify virtual dangers against principals, corporations and institutions, from disinfo to death threats.


Dangerous actors change profiles or move to new platforms at an alarming pace. Pyrra positions collection to keep you one step ahead.


The sheer volume of online threats can seem insurmountable. Pyrra’s advanced AI quickly and accurately detects and filters extremist language, violent threats and harmful disinformation.


Responding to threats is a team game.  Pyrra’s proprietary software makes sharing threat information easy across your team and throughout your organization.

Want to know if you're a target?

Let Pyrra's AI sweep the fringe to see if you or your company has been targeted over the past six months.

Request your free Pyrra Sweep Report today.

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We identify credible threats to keep your people and organization safe

Custom AI sweeps alternative social media platforms to detect potentially dangerous content

Advanced machine learning models filter data to hone in on likely threats

Holistic automation streamlines the analytic workflow

Unique collaboration features break silos and facilitate easy information exchange

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